Snabb Solutions

Snabb Solutions is a Swiss software development consultancy managed by Luke Gorrie.

We support these related open source projects:

  • Snabb, the high-performance network dataplane written in Lua.
  • RaptorJIT and LuaJIT, the high-performance just-in-time compilers.
  • Studio, the extensible debugger for application logs and diagnostic data.

Below you can read more about these projects and the services we provide. If you want to engage us to help with your project then please contact us by email on

Snabb 🔗

Snabb is a high-performance userspace network stack written entirely in Lua.

The networking industry is being turned on its head by open source software running on x86 hardware. Snabb is pioneering the use of modern dynamic programming languages in this space. Snabb applications are uniquely simple, fast, and easy to deploy.

We can help you use Snabb to:

  • Write Lua scripts that process millions of packets per second on each CPU core.
  • Create a new open source networking application and contribute it to Snabb upstream.
  • Prototype a new proprietary product to explore your technical risks and opportunities.

RaptorJIT 🔗

RaptorJIT is a high-performance just-in-time compiler for the Lua programming language.

RaptorJIT is especially suitable for network dataplanes and other high-performance soft-realtime applications. It is forked from LuaJIT and focused on transparent and predictable operation.

We can help you use RaptorJIT to:

  • Develop new applications that are simple and fast.
  • Use the JIT effectively by learning how it works.
  • Extend the compiler to support new use cases.

We can help you with LuaJIT, too.

Studio 🔗

Studio is a framework for building application-specific development tools.

Studio combines Pharo and Nix to create a graphical environment with access to every conceivable backend processing tool. You can think of it as an extensible debugger for complex data like log files, crash dumps, and profiler reports.

We can help you use Studio to:

  • Create new tools that turn raw application data into actionable high-level information.
  • Make your existing tools easier to use and maintain as part of a unified framework.
  • Enhance your workflow with specialist techniques like statistical analysis with R.


Luke Gorrie is my name and I am the principal consultant at Snabb Solutions. I am a well known software developer in the networking industry and the open source community. I am a core developer of each open source project listed above.

I have experience implementing everything from Ethernet device drivers to a production TCP/IP stack while developing products for startup companies, large equipment vendors, and directly for network operators. I have recently been using Snabb to make fundamental contributions to Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) technology in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom's TeraStream project.

I work from the Swiss Alps and collaborate with associates around the world. I come from Australia and I speak fluent Swedish.