Technology Partner

Premium enterprise support including on-site visits and ongoing development of major functionality.


Companies that use our supported projects as a critical component in their products or infrastructure may want to consider becoming Technology Partners.


Services included


Technology Partners play an important role in the continuing vitality of our supported projects by providing the funding needed to keep them under active development and maintenance. 


Technology partners are considered part of our development team, are consulted on all relevant technical matters, and are equal partners with our own developers in deciding future directions for our contributions to supported projects. In addition, technology partners receive elite support from our expert developers:

  • Technology partners have the guaranteed, undivided attention of our developers for 23 staff-days per year and for as much additional time above and beyond that amount that the core developers have available. There are no arbitrary limits on contact time. The development group will never be over-subscribed. New developers will be recruited and trained as necessary to cover the 23 day/year support commitment.

  • Our expert developers are eager and happy to write new code or debug existing code for technology partners. Technology partners can request and expect to receive significant new enhancements to the upstream code base. Technology partners can also request their own private, proprietary extensions and enhancements.

  • Technology partners can receive support for any software version no matter how old. Bug fixes will be back ported to older versions upon request.

  • Technology partners can receive private email and/or telephone notifications and briefings covering new bugs or recently added features. The core developers are constantly watching out for the interests of technology partners and will attempt to protect those interests in every way possible and alert members when their interests are threatened in any way.

  • Our developers will set up customized regression tests to fully and completely test all relevant projects as configured by technology partners.

  • Support requests are accepted from any employee or contract working for a technology partner. Support is not limited to a single development team as it is with a maintenance subscription or technical support agreement.

  • Support requests, comments, and suggestions for future changes to our supported projects coming from technology partners take priority over requests from all other sources. Technology partners go to the front of the line.

  • We will be happy to recognize technical partners on the Snabb Solutions website with a logo and/or a brief acknowledgment of their contribution to the development of our supported projects. This is an opportunity for companies to build good will by demonstrating that they are giving back to the community. Or, members can remain anonymous.

How To Become A Technology Partner


The Technology partner fee is €85,000 per year.


Please call +41 (0)76 411 20 37 during CEST office hours or send an email to for additional information.

Technology Partner




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